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All those new Sony Blu-ray systems

Just to back up our news story covering the launch of seven new Sony 'home cinema in a box' systems with Blu-ray capability, here's a stack of pictures of the new models.

This is the BDV-E300, which has optional wireless rear speakers with an add-on kit...

...while the BDV-E800W (not coming to the UK) takes the same formula and adds floorstanding speakers and wireless rears.

Both systems have Sony's Virtual 7.1-channel technology, but can be upgraded to full 7.1 operation with an add-on pack.

The BDV-Z7, below, is a 2.1 system using Sony's S-Force Front Surround technology.

Four of the systems are based around the BDP-S360 Blu-ray player. The HT-FS360 is another 2.1-channel set-up...

...while the HT-IS100 is a full surround system using the company's little golfball-sized speakers.

Meanwhile the HT-SS100 steps up with compact speakers. 1000W total output and the option of wireless rear speaker operation with an add-on module...

... and the HT-SS360 is the same core system, but with the addition of floorstanding speakers for the main left and right front and rear speakers.