Our Verdict 
Cheap and just about cheerful but we’d advise you spend a touch more unless you’re budget really can’t budge
Undeniably cheap
four HDMI inputs
stable motion, colours are okay
likeable styling
Only HD-Ready resolution
lacks subtlety and insight
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If you don't care about having an HD tuner or streaming TV content, and think pixel counting on a 32in screen is a fruitless task, you could be on the right wavelength for this Toshiba set.

Performance-per-pound is our mantra, so we're happy to sacrifice a few frills for £400. But we're a little miffed by is the 1366 x 768 resolution. You can watch 1080p/24fps content – the Toshiba will scale it to fit – but even at this price a Full HD resolution is not asking too much in 2010.

In other respects, the Toshiba is not without a few tricks up its sleeve in the shape of the company's Meta Brain picture processing technology.

This consists of Active Vision II to enhance colour and movement; Resolution+, which aims to get the best from standard-def images, while AutoView is an ambient light sensor that adjusts the picture according to your room.

An uninspiring remoteOur initial impressions are mixed, thanks to an uninspiring remote and fussy menus. The off-air images don't do a great deal to improve our mood.

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Yes, the colour balance is fine and motion is smooth, but there's not the level of subtlety of rivals, with colours looking a little flat by comparison. Sound, meanwhile, is in the all-too-familiar so-so category.

The more we watch DVD content, the more we feel we're missing out. Insight could be better, blacks could be stronger, and colours could be more subtle. There are hints of noise, too.

There's a noticeable jump in quality when watching high-definition content, but is it enough for us to consider buying this Toshiba? Even at this low price, not quite.

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