Our Verdict 
A cheap and very cheerful set – and we've seen it for even less than £400
Look at the price
clean TV images
smooth motion and decent colours
Not 1080p-compatible
black levels and absolute insight could be better
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Toshiba is making something of a home for itself at the budget end of the TV market. The 32AV615DB aims to match its competitive price-tag with a performance to really bother the premium sets. And to an extent, it succeeds.

We'll get the main specification gripe out the way first: this TV can't display 1080p or 24fps Blu-ray content. On a 32in TV, this is far from the end of the world, but we wouldn't argue with punters who are put-off by this missing functionality.

You'll find none of the forward-looking frills of some of the fancier sets in this class either – so there's no DLNA networking or media streaming, while it's also 'just' a 50Hz screen.

New-look menu system simple to useStill, this Toshiba looks smart enough out of the box and the new look menu system is smart and easy to navigate. The dull remote control is a turn-off, but solid, clear sound is more pleasing.

Up and running, 720p Blu-ray content looks good. Absolute detail retrieval is bettered by the very best and black levels lack a little solidity but otherwise the picture has a pleasant, natural colour balance, handles motion smoothly and is fairly sharp.

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DVD content is similarly easy on the eye, while switch to the TV tuner and again it's sharp, with decent colours and good detail.

It's not 1080p-compatible, and does give something away to the best for picture performance, but this Toshiba is a fine budget option.