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This TV excels in many areas but it's also plagued by an uneven backlight. Another five-star rating slips through Sony's fingers
Fantastic Blu-ray pictures, especially where motion is concerned
superb colours
Freeview images
Uneven backlight in the corners of the picture
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If you've been to your local Sony Centre or John Lewis lately, you might have caught a glimpse of the KDL-40W5710 LCD TV.

This isn't a new Sony set launched on the quiet; it's actually a different version of the KDL-40W5500, that's being sold exclusively through these two chains.

Specification for the '40W5710 is identical to the '40W5500's. This means the TV is equipped with four HDMI inputs, Full HD resolution and 100Hz Motionflow picture processing.

The set is also DLNA-certified and has internet connectivity for accessing Sony's online content provision service, Applicast.

The only physical difference between the two TVs is – wait for it – the '40W5710 has a different-coloured speaker grille.

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Uneven backlighting – againWe voiced our concerns over the uneven backlighting of the '40W5500 when we reviewed it, and there are issues here, too.

The backlight bleeds into the corners – you can see this on the black bars during a movie and in dark scenes in TV programmes.

It's a shame, because other than this, the Sony produces a picture that's tough to fault.

1080p/24fps Blu-ray images are blessed with sensational levels of detail. Watching Australia, the Sony copes well with the frenzied movement of the cattle stampede, while the colour balance is expertly judged.

The TV proves to be an accomplished upscaler of standard definition content too, while Freeview performance is up there with the best-in-class.

If the backlight wasn't such an issue you'd be looking at a five-star set. But this isn't the first time we've had to dock a star from a Sony TV because of this problem.

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