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Skullcandy FIX review

A likeable enough pair of headphones but let down by woolly, imprecise bass Tested at £60

Our Verdict

Likeable enough, but struggle to deliver bass definition


  • No hardness or brightness
  • reasonably comfortable


  • Bass is woolly and lacks precision

Just in case you weren't sure who makes the FIX, Skullcandy's logo is plastered all over these headphones, including on the ear-pieces, in-line mic, carry case, cable and even on all the supplied ear-tips!

Still, get beyond the overt branding, and they're a reasonably comfortable fit. They don't create a huge amount of obtrusive cable noise when you're walking around, either. Sonically, they're likeable enough.

Play Daft Punk's Around The World and high-frequencies don't splash about. There's no hardness or brightness to speak of, either.

There's a decent amount of bass weight to accompany the thumping bassline, but there's not much in the way of definition: it sounds woolly, lacking precision and edge definition.

And it's this that robs the FIX of drive and excitement when compared with its peers.

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General Information

Product NameSkullcandy FIX