Our Verdict 
In-ear ‘phones for people who hate in-ears, but we’d pay the extra and get the IE8s
Comfortable fit
big, dynamic and detailed delivery
Somewhat over-exuberant bass
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This is the second pair of in-ear headphones we've seen from Sennheiser's high-end IE range.

At £180, they're £70 cheaper than the IE8s we gave a five-star verdict to in February, but strangely they're not quite as good at justifying the hefty price tag.

The casing is a slightly different shape to that of the IE8s, but the basics remain the same, with the cable going over the ear with the help of a pair of supplied ear-hooks.

There are loads of different-sized buds in the box, and finding a secure and comfortable fit is an absolute doddle.

They don't burrow as far into the ear as many rivals, yet blocking of outside noise is impressive and, like the IE8s, the 7s resist carrying movement and body noise through to your ears.

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Watch out for over-exuberant bassPlaying Fleetwood Mac's The Chain (in eager anticipation of F1's return to the BBC), the IE7s offer a spacious, detailed and dynamic delivery.

The tambourine is sparkly and clear, while vocals are delivered with emotive clarity.

The only problem is the bass. While it's detailed and chunky, it's also a little over-exuberant, drowning out and slowing down the lower-part of the midrange.

Unfortunately the IE8s' bass response adjuster is missing from the IE7s, so you'll have to live with it. Big bass lovers won't mind, but we'd prefer a more even balance