Our Verdict 
After some closed-back cans to use on the commute? These Sennheisers are well worth an audition
Leak minimal noise
weighty, clear delivery
Lack the spaciousness of open headphones
bit more detail and tighter bass would be nice
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As far as affordable on-ear headphones go, it may seem iGrados are the de facto choice. Not so; their open-back design means they leak noise badly, making them an inconsiderate choice for commuters.

That's where closed-back headphones like the Sennheiser HD 218s come in. They may lack the spaciousness of open models, but at least you won't fall out with a stranger on the train.

What they offer is a weighty, clear and refined delivery that'll flatter heavily compressed music and tame a bright-sounding MP3 player.

We would like greater detail and attack, and bass – though deep – could be tighter, but they're good by the standards of affordable closed-back cans.

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