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If you want a Samsung TV then take your pick – both this and the UE40B7020 excel
Exhaustive spec
pictures are strong across the board
ultra-slim and stylish design
Sound is average
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Recognise this TV? It's the Samsung UE40B7020 from last month. Well, it's not – it's the UE40B7000, but they're the same thing. Except they're not... Yes, this is all rather confusing.

You may have guessed that this is another case of the 'exclusive to...' model ranges, so beloved of Samsung. So, this particular 40in, the '7000, is the DSG (Dixons, Currys, PC World) exclusive version of the '7020 we've previously reviewed.

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This model has a red power light and trim – last month's had a white edging to the platinum black finish – but otherwise it has the same spec, with Full HD resolution, four HDMI inputs, a pair of USB inputs and wireless internet connection (providing you've paid £50 for Samsung's wireless dongle).

It remains an extremely thin and attractive TV.

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Solid picture performance, lightweight soundSure enough, the performance is nigh-on identical to the '7020. Pictures are clean and stable, with smooth motion, full colours and impressive black levels, whether watching Freeview, Blu-ray or DVD content.

There are the smallest differences in the colour palettes, but some tweaking can have images looking identical.

Similarly, the speakers sound predictably lightweight, just as they do on its sibling.

We did find the white-trimmed '7200 available for £1500 online, so if you prefer the subtle rosy edges of the '7000, it's worth keeping an eye out for a price reduction. It's a TV that's as competent as it is attractive.

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