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Onkyo has been obsessing over Pure Sound since 1946 – here’s how it wants to apply its expertise directly to your ears

Digital music has come a long way since its murky, washy-sounding MP3-formatted breakthrough in the early 2000s. Now, you can stream and download millions of songs in lossless form, CD quality and – if you want to push that quality to the maximum – hi-resolution.

If you’re indulging your ears with those high-quality files, you want to be sure that they’re sounding their best. They are, after all, as close to the studio master – as close to what the artist wants you to hear – as possible.

That’s why Onkyo has made it its mission to ensure that you hear every detail, every nuance and every note. Just as they were meant to be heard.

Its H500M Hi-Res Audio-certified headphones are specifically engineered to make the most of hi-res files. Each can houses a custom-designed 40mm, 16ohm driver that can handle a wide 7Hz-40kHz frequency range – meaning it can reproduce everything from the deep sub-bass of a dubstep track to the subtlest piccolo part.

The chassis that houses the drivers has had 70 years of hi-fi engineering know-how poured into it. Its advanced construction is designed to help get rid of unwanted vibrations, and its precision-engineered aluminium case back provides extra durability, and helps to create an acoustic seal and improve treble response.

There’s an ergonomic headband too, designed to be comfortable over long listening sessions, as well as an inline microphone and remote control on the detachable cable.

Onkyo has also designed a version for folk who would rather go wireless. The H500BT Bluetooth headphones have touch-controls to let you break free from the cables – or, wired-up, act as conventional hi-res-compatible cans.

To find out more about Onkyo’s Hi-Res Audio-certified H500Ms and the wireless H500BTs, click here.