1st May 2018
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An intrepid What Hi-Fi? reader puts the new Dynaudio Music 1 and Music 5 wireless speakers to the test.

It's one thing reviewing speakers in soundproof, custom-designed suites, but it often helps to find out how they perform in the real world too.

That's precisely why we drafted in longtime What Hi-Fi? reader Matt Jenkins. Matt gave Dynaudio's new Music 1 and Music 5 wireless speakers a real-world test at home by unboxing them, setting them up, and giving them a thorough thrashing with a wide range of different music.

A few days later, what did Matt make of this pair of tech-packed audio products and their accompanying smartphone app? All is revealed in the video above, but suffice it to say the Music 1's diminutive dimensions don't harm its audio performance.

That's thanks in part to the Music 1's ability to automatically adapt its sound profile depending on where it's placed. Meanwhile, Matt reckons the Music 5, "doesn't half kick out a lot of sound" for its size, rating its sonic capabilities well above those of his more traditional (and much larger) home hi-fi setup.

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