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Sevenoaks Sound and Vision
Hear the next-generation music format on a selection of NAD and Bluesound kit

'The best of both worlds' is normally a bit of a porker. Low-fat spreads may approximate butter, but butter they are not. A diet version of your favourite fizzy brown beverage may contain no calories, but the one with nine spoonfuls of sugar is undeniably tastier.

So it is with digital music. Remove some of the data from music files and they can be streamed more easily, but they don't sound quite the same. Data is what makes some of those big, fat, calorie-packed Hi-Res Audio files special: the theory goes that the more data headroom there is, the closer they can get to the original recording.

All of which makes MQA intriguing. This new music format claims to offer a quality in excess of the best High-Res Audio in dramatically smaller file sizes. By focusing on timing, and folding data in on itself rather than removing it, the compression employed by MQA suggests that, yes, you can have the best of both worlds. Tidal's new Masters service is the first to let you stream MQA for yourself.

The proof is in the hearing, and that's why Sevenoaks Sound and Vision has partnered with MQA, Tidal, NAD and Bluesound to create The Future Of Sound. This special event is touring Sevenoaks stores around the country, offering you the opportunity to experience MQA streamed via Tidal Masters through NAD's M32 Masters DirectDigital amplifier and Bluesound's range of award-winning wireless speakers. You'll see how easy it is to listen to your favourite albums in pristine MQA, delivered via Tidal Masters to devices of various form-factors and at a range of prices.

The Future Of Sound tour dates are as follows:

Yeovil 8th March 1200-1900

Bristol 9th March 1200-1900

Sevenoaks 11th March 1200-1900

Cheltenham 14th March 1200-1900

Oxford 15th March 1200-1900

Cambridge 16th March 1200-1900

Guildford 21st March 1200-1900

You don't need to register to hear the future of sound – simply turn up at your local Sevenoaks Sound and Vision store on the relevant day. You'll even get the opportunity to win some fabulous Bluesound prizes, and you'll walk away afterwards with an exclusive goodie bag. 

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