• Pioneer SC-LX75
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Pioneer has yet again delivered a great amp: this is dynamic and exciting
Superb sound detail and dynamics
extensive features and specification
great stereo imaging
Not a whole lot
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We raved about both the Award-winning Pioneer SC-LX55 and SC-LX85 – so we certainly had high expectations for the new SC-LX75.

And it doesn't disappoint. As the price and model number suggest, it sits in between its siblings, while retaining that trademark Pioneer performance.

It positively zings through the action-packed sequences of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 with energetic speed. Detail definition is superb: characters' voices are full of emotion and rich texture, and the various nuances of sound effects are reproduced with pleasing clarity.

It doesn't shy away from high volumes either. It handles dynamic shifts with expertise and has a solidly focused surround soundfield – all of which provides an immersive experience full of excitement.

High frequencies were slightly piercing at first, but after a couple of days' running in, that aggressive top-end rounded off nicely.

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Extensive array of socketsThe LX75's specification is almost identical to that of the more powerful LX85, with an extensive array of sockets including seven HDMI inputs and twin outputs.

It has nine channels of power rated at 180W each (compared with the SC-LX85's 190W).

This Class D amplifier has the option of front-height or front-width speakers, along with two subwoofers. The auto set-up takes a while to calibrate, but it is thorough and spot on.

The amp is packed with extra features: internet radio, music streaming (via wired or wireless) that can handle up to 24-bit/192kHz FLAC, Bluetooth-based AirJam, full iOS compatibility, and the slick iControlAV2 remote control app.

Pioneer continues to shine through with its amps: the LX75's is superb and a hugely thrilling piece of home cinema equipment.

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