Apple Music arrives on Xbox with some key features missing

You can now listen to Apple Music while gaming on your Xbox
(Image credit: Future)

Apple Music has finally come to Microsoft's Xbox consoles. And it supports listening while gaming, so you can enjoy a fast-paced playlist while playing your favourite racer.

You can listen to Apple's streaming service on any Xbox One console, as well as the Xbox Series X and Series S. But some key features are missing...

Namely Dolby Atmos and lossless support, both of which are available on the Apple Music app on the Apple TV streamer. So you won't get quite the same comprehensive experience on your console.

It does support 4K though, so you can watch music videos in Ultra High Definition.

Apple Music on Xbox has the same user interface as on smart TV platforms, so it may well look familiar. It also lets you listen to songs you've purchased through iTunes once you've signed in to your account.

Apple Music has been available on the PS5 for about a year, so Microsoft is playing catch up.


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