A fresh batch of some of the best readers' systems around courtesy of the #WHFsystems round-up for July 2014

Another week, another chance to see a selection of readers' hi-fi and home cinema systems.

The latest batch of #WHFsystems features a system that sports a reel to reel player (alongside a CD deck and MiniDisc player), a classic Linn Sondek deck (or two), a smart cinema system built around some Mission speakers, a 64in Samsung accompanied by some classic film memorabilia, and much more besides...

Don't forget you can search Twitter for #WHFsystems to see older pictures, and you can get involved by sharing your system pictures on Twitter or Facebook every weekend (or just by looking at everybody else's...).

– #WHFsystems – See all the readers' systems from June 2014


– #WHFsystems – System of the Month, May 2014

by Joe Cox

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