British Hi-Fi Week 2024 wrap-up: industry experts' home hi-fi systems, best test tracks, and what is British sound anyway?

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What Hi-Fi?’s British Hi-Fi Week is reaching its end this weekend, and there are plenty of features, reviews and insights to sink your teeth into.

In the past week we've published reviews from Leema Acoustics, Neat and B&W, highlighted the most underrated gems in hi-fi from recent years, looked at five modern products celebrating British hi-fi heritage, asked hi-fi brands if such a thing as "British sound" exists and what it is, and asked top British hi-fi engineers for their favourite test tracks – there are some cracking selections there.

Our special British Hi-Fi Week event runs between Monday 4th March and Sunday 10th March. We've been highlighting the biggest players in British hi-fi (those that were founded and continue to operate in the UK) as well as retrospectives on some of the most iconic products to come from our native shores. We've also been picking our favourite songs from The Beatles, Kate Bush and David Bowie that we love listening to and testing out our hi-fi system with.

But it's not just about us – we also want to hear from you, our lovely readers, about your favourite British hi-fi products. Make sure to get involved in the conversation in the comments section, as well as on our forums and our social media accounts.

You will be able to keep tabs on all the latest features and reviews via our dedicated British Hi-Fi Week 2024 hub page or get the highlights below, where our team will drop links to all of our exclusive coverage.

British Hi-Fi Week is a staple event in the What Hi-Fi? calendar, with the brand having covered the manufacturers and products for most of our existence – our magazine, after all, was launched all the way back in 1976.

Why British Hi-Fi Week matters to me
Alastair Stevenson What Hi-Fi profile
Why British Hi-Fi Week matters to me
Alastair Stevenson

Whether it was the war between Ariston or Linn for record player supremacy in the 1990s, or the launch of never before foundational hardware, like the moving coil driver back in the 19th Century, Britain has always been a key force in the world of hi-fi. And with this in mind, British Hi-Fi Week is a chance for myself and the team to celebrate some of the top-of-the-line audio kit we grew up with, as well as the latest hardware from numerous iconic brands homed in our native land (we’re based in the UK).

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