All the winners of the What Hi-Fi? Awards, our annual round-up of the best products you can buy, from TVs to tablets, speakers to soundbars, have been revealed...

See all the What Hi-Fi? Awards 2014 winners

The What Hi-Fi? Awards are official. Last night's ceremony saw us reveal 99 winners in 24 product categories, highlighting the best products you can buy across hi-fi, home cinema, portable audio, streaming and more.

Sony was the big winner, winning a total of nine Awards across multiple categories including Product of the Year in the home cinema amplifiers category and the best in-ear headphones Award.

Samsung also featured heavily in the winners taking away three Awards for its 48in, 55in and 65in televisions, including the first What Hi-Fi? Awards for 4K TVs.

Bluesound scooped the inaugural Product of the Year in the multi-room systems category, while Naim took top honours in the hugely competitive wireless speakers section.

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In more traditional territory, the B&W 685 S2 speakers took home our stereo speaker Product of the Year Award, while Q Acoustics and Wharfedale, amongst others, also took home 2014 Awards in the speakers section.

Spotify was confirmed as our favourite streaming service, while Sky+HD is once again, in our opinion, the best subscription service, taking the Product of the Year in the set-top boxes category.

The iPhone 6 and Sony Xperia Z3 were the smartphone winners, while Apple and Google shared the Best Buys for tablets.

If you didn't follow it all live on the What Hi-Fi? Twitter account then you can search Twitter using the #WhatHiFiAwards hashtag to see some behind-the-scenes pictures from the Awards ceremony. If you'd rather see the full glory in our special Awards issue of the magazine, then it's in shops from today or you can buy a copy online right now

See all the What Hi-Fi? 2014 award-winners on our dedicated Awards microsite...

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simonlewis's picture

Can i put a bet on that

Can i put a bet on that samsung win an award in the tv section and panasonic don't.   Smile

ErikSinn's picture

I can bet too

Boring ... the winners in AV section will be Sony's in Yamaha's and in speakers section Q-Acoustics as usual ... no matter how much better products competitors have.

MarantzLover's picture

I love... everyone is so sceptical about the awards procedures.
Its not like y'all think it is at all - its not all about "the winners are the advertisers".

Jeepers look how many awards marantz won over the years in their low end two channel amps & CD players - but yet they haven't advertised with What Hifi for years.  Same with many of the other catagory winners too.

ErikSinn's picture

I hope you're right

Ok, first I have to say I respect all of the mentioned companies, because we're talking about the top vendors, which have produced many excellent products over the years. I just wanted to point out that in those categories usually products of these vendors are best rated. That's the fact, no matter what is the reason for that (it might be personal taste of the reviewers or anything else ... I don't know).

If you read the reviews of the other reviewers you can find different opinions about this equipment. I would like to see just a little more diversity and different perspectives. All of these equipment are top product and usually only the personal preferences about the features, UI, colour of the sound, etc, can give some edge to the one compares to the others.

However, let's see what Hi-Fi is gonna bring us tonight. .)

ErikSinn's picture

Unfortunately the same story again

The winners take it (almost) all. Smile

AlbaBrown's picture

Awards/review procedures

But then the bigger, consistent advertisers are retailers and distributors...not individual brands...

Whether you believe in the "advertisers are the winners" theory or not, the Awards many magazines roll out now have been lacking credibility with me for a while now.

Award price ranges/categories that seem to shift each year to suit, or awards to a £800 product for "best xxxxx £600+". Seriously? Then there is the First Test reviews of products that get the Award in the same month!

Take a look at the Awards in Stuff, T3 etc and it's even more laughable. (GoPro winning in the best camera category!!??? Even with DSLR nominations!)

If you love what you've bought on audition, give yourself a gong and forget the Awards!

Andy Clough's picture

What Hi-Fi? Awards

I couldn't possibly comment.

uxri's picture

What Hi-Fi? Awards

Marantz PM6005 will win an award for the best amp i guess Wink

MarantzLover's picture

and they don't even...

...advertise with WHFS&V magaine either LOL!

Liongman's picture


How about the Home Cinema in a Box award? Is there a category for that HCiB Award?

Andy Clough's picture

Awards 2014

There is a category for Systems (stereo and multichannel), and yes that will include a Home Cinema in a Box Award.

doubleU's picture

ProAc Response D30R, because.

ProAc Response D30R, because... it give me a wonderfull sound, in combination with my other stuff, and i like that. No more - no less.
relocated's picture

Award 2014


Clare Newsome's picture

The 2014 Awards are announced

The 2014 Awards are announced from 9.30pm tonight [UK time]

relocated's picture

Thank you Clare, I should

Thank you Clare, I should have read the piece more closely than I did.  sad

Rosey Watson's picture


I liked this what hi-fi winners list. I am certainly amazed at this. 

Rosey Watson's picture


Awesome! Finally the winner of 2014 wireless speakers is Naim Mu-so. This wireless speaker is so close to the hi-fi technology. 

magicrabbit's picture

Really disappointing, boring

Really disappointing, boring and predictable.
Q Acoustics for instance. They are ok, but not great.

The Z3 or the iPhone, despite connoisseurs know that the king of smartphones is the Note 4.

The old spotify when you can have Qobuz?!

I do not understand.

jjbomber's picture

Best smartphone

I hear that the award for best smartphone was stuffed in a brown paper envelope and passed under the table. Is this true???

Joe Cox's picture

Well seeing as Apple and

Well seeing as Apple and Spotify were the only winners not to come to the event that sounds unlikely...

I used Qobuz for a while but the mobile experience needs work. And we only got our Note 4 in for review yesterday so that wasn't in the running!