The Week in HD - Friday 15th May

Ok, so it’s magazine deadline week and all those exclusive reviews aren’t going to write themselves, so this Week in HD is going to have to be a quick one. So yes, I’ve cheated, and there are some things listed here without any explanation, and some with a synopsis taken straight from the Sky TV Guide. Needless to say I've listed them because I think they're worth checking out, though!

Friday 15th May

Battlestations Pacific – a solid WWII game for the Xbox 360 that sees you flying planes and commanding ships and subs in key battles between the U.S. and Japan. Try before you buy by downloading the demo from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Cricket: England v. West Indies – Sky Sports HD1 – 10.30am

Good Morning Vietnam – Sky Premiere HD – 8pm
Robin Williams classic.

Dexter – FX HD – 10pm
All in the Family: Dexter’s gone from someone petrified of commitment to trying desperately to persuade Rita to marry him. Don’t worry; the killing’s not over.

Vantage Point – Sky Premiere HD – 10.15pm
Fairly solid thriller that looks great in HD.

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross – BBC HD – 10.35pm
Big night, as Jonathan interviews Ben Stiller, Ewan McGregor, Eminem, and someone I’ve never heard of called Charlotte Uhlenbroek.

Generation Kill – FX HD – 11.10pm
Combat Jack: brilliant episode in this brilliant series.

Later with Jools Holland – BBC HD – 11.35pm
Good show tonight: New York Dolls, Morrissey, Little Boots and Annie Lennox.

Saturday 16th May

Cricket: England v. West Indies – Sky Sports HD2 – 10.30am

Football: Manchester Utd v. Arsenal – Sky Sports HD1 – 12pm
Man U need just 1 point to win the Premier League.

Natural World – BBC HD – 6pm
Snow Monkeys.

Wanted – Sky Premiere HD – 10pm
Silly action film with brilliant effects.

Sunday 17th May

Planet Earth – BBC HD – 6pm

Lost – Sky1 HD – 9pm
The Incident: it’s double-episode season finale time!

Cricket: England v. West Indies – Sky Sports HD2 – 10.30am

Football: West Brom v. Liverpool – Sky Sports HD1 – 1pm

Football: Chelsea v. Blackburn – Sky Sports HD1 – 3.30pm

Monday 18th May

Solid week – pick from the excellent Frost/Nixon, solid and thrilling Defiance, or silly Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

24 – Sky1 HD – 9pm
Day 7: 5am to 6am.

Tuesday 19th May

Sunshine – Sky Screen 2HD – 7.10pm
Great sci-fi from Danny Boyle.

Wednesday 20th May

Blade Runner: The Final Cut – Sky Screen 2HD – 6.55pm

Thursday 21st May

Cricket: England v. West Indies – Sky Sports HD1
The first one-dayer at Headingley.

Platoon – Sky Drama HD – 12am
Vietnam war classic.