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High-end digital specialist Wadia has introduced two new products into its entry-level Series 1 range. The first is the di122, a well equipped digital-to-analogue converter, which handles music streams of up to 24bit/384kHz, as well as supporting DSD 5.6 through its USB input. The Wadia also has four SPDIF inputs (split evenly between optical and coax) that support 24bit/192kHz signals.

The di122 has both balanced and single-ended analogue outputs, as well as a volume control, so it can be used as a digital preamp in a suitable set-up. The company has taken a great deal of care with the headphone circuitry too, as the unit's compact size means it could easily find itself in a headphone-based desktop system.

A compact power amplifier to match

The Wadia a102 delivers 50 watts per channel

The natural partner to the di122 digital preamp is the a102 power amplifier. Built into  a similarly compact casing, the a102 delivers 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

Unusually, the company doesn't claim any change in power output into a 4ohm load, something that suggests careful speaker matching may be worthwhile. The a102 can accept balanced and single-ended inputs, matching its partner's connectivity. Both the di122 and a102 aren't due out until Q1 next year but prices are expected to be around the $1500 mark.


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Audition Audition

Always been curious about Wadia kit, particularly the Intuition, alas it is out of my budget range. With these 2 bad boys I would love to get them home with either their 121 or 321 decoding computer thingies for a play. All this comes from a half an hour demo that I had whilst on business a few years back. I thought that they sounded brilliant.

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Wadia a102+ DAC DI122

In spite of being "low level", the two Wadia a102 + DAC DI122 had a monumental performance with a pair Sonus Faber Olympuca I via a laptop using Foobar2000. A room of 50m2 -where the setup played - seemed to be covered in a net of sweet music which offered a wonderful impression to all listeners.

i am looking forward to enjoying a setup of "middle level" consisting of WADIA a315 +DAC 321 next week.