Wadia introduces two new Series 1 products at CEDIA Expo

The di122 has both balanced and single-ended analogue outputs, as well as a volume control, so it can be used as a digital preamp in a suitable set-up. The company has taken a great deal of care with the headphone circuitry too, as the unit's compact size means it could easily find itself in a headphone-based desktop system.

A compact power amplifier to match

The Wadia a102 delivers 50 watts per channel

The Wadia a102 delivers 50 watts per channel

The natural partner to the di122 digital preamp is the a102 power amplifier. Built into a similarly compact casing, the a102 delivers 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

Unusually, the company doesn't claim any change in power output into a 4ohm load, something that suggests careful speaker matching may be worthwhile. The a102 can accept balanced and single-ended inputs, matching its partner's connectivity. Both the di122 and a102 aren't due out until Q1 next year but prices are expected to be around the $1500 mark.

Ketan Bharadia
Technical Editor

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