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VPI announces its new Prime Signature turntable

VPI has announced the Prime Signature, said to be an upgrade on the existing Prime turntable.

Aesthetically, the Prime Signature is glossy: there's a black speckled gloss finish on its JMW 3D 10 reference arm, and the plinth is a combination of layered gloss MDF and machined aluminium.

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The motor housing, corner posts, bearing-nut bell and arm board are all made of stainless-steel.

Apparently, the Prime Signature is improved upon the Prime with better bracing in the main bearing and arm. According to VPI, there is also better resonance-damping on the motor to reduce excess vibrations, as the housing weighs twice as much as on the original Prime.

The Prime Signature will be available for £6000 from Renaissance Audio in the new year.

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