US NEWS: B&W adds to CM speaker line-up at CEDIA Expo

Announced today at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado, they join the dedicated CM-series subwoofer the company launched at the CEDIA UK Expo in London in June.

The new floorstander is the CM9, which uses a 25mm tweeter, 15cm Kevlar FST modrange unit and twin 16.5cm paper/Kevlar bass drivers, while a larger standmounter, the CM5, joins the range alongside the orginal CM1.

The CM5 uses the same tweeter as the big floorstander, and a single 16.5cm Kevlar bass driver.

Complementing these new speaker is a new centre channel enclosure, with central tweeter and Kevlar FST midrange driver straddled by a pair of bass units.

The new speakers are available in a range of wood finishes as well as the new black gloss premiered at the London show.