UPDATED: Asus launches upmarket notebook with sound (and style) from Bang & Olufsen

Asus NX90

Asus has teamed up with Universal Music UK to offer buyers of its new NX90, NX73 or N53 notebook computers 100 free music downloads.

Anyone who buys one of the N3 series notebooks will be able to claim a voucher code that allows them to download 100 songs from the Universal Music Store.

The online store has 60,000 tracks to choose from. Once you've bought your Asus, log on to the special N Series website to claim your voucher.

Published 13.10.10

New from Asus is the £2499 NX90 notebook computer, a high-end model with an 18.4in screen and polished aluminium casework.

And if you think the style looks familiar, that may just be because it's by David Lewis, the British designer behind many of Bang & Olufsen's most famous products.

What's more, it should sound good, too, combining Asus SonicMaster technology with Bang & Olusfen's ICEPower digital amplification in speaker housings considerably larger than is normal on computers of this kind, and designed to give a 'wraparound' sound.

The NX90 uses Intel Core i7 processors, has 6GB of RAM, expandable up to 12GB, and internal storage of up to 1.2tb. It has USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, and digital audio out.

The display is an LED-lit 16:9 1920x1080 LCD, and the graphics are handled by Nvidia's GeForce GT335M processor.

A Blu-ray DVD combo drive is fitted as standard, and the computer has twin touchpads either side of the keyboard, giving 'a unique DJ-style interface to make navigation and manipulation easier and more accessible – especially for music and video libraries'.

Designer David Lewis says that 'What we were going for was a piece of design and art that people could place in the centre of their home and take great joy in its appearance.

'To me, it's not just a machine, the objective was to create a style to challenge the way people regard notebooks'.

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