UE FITS are custom-fit wireless earbuds that mould to your ears in 60 seconds

UE FITS are custom earbuds that mould to your ears in 60 seconds
(Image credit: Ultimate Ears)

Ultimate Ears' mouldable wireless earbuds are now available in the UK. The UE FITS mould to your ear in less than 60 seconds for what promises to be the perfect fit. They've been available in the US since 2020, and from today are on sale in the UK, Canada, France and Germany too.

FITS are the first truly wireless custom-fit earbuds. Shaping them is a simple process:  place them in your ears, and connect them to the UE FITS app on your mobile device. Start the fitting process, and the app will trigger the embedded LEDs to glow purple. UE's patented "lightform" technology uses light to harden the gel-filled tips to the contours of your ears, effectively creating a mould of your lug hole.

The process takes less than 60 seconds, they say. Then you've got a pair of truly custom fit earbuds that are shaped for you and you alone. 

Ultimate Ears FITS wireless earbuds

(Image credit: Ultimate Ears)

As well as offering superior noise isolation thanks to the air-tight fit, they promise supreme comfort with no pressure, pain or irritation. Though some may not like the vacuum-tight feel of being completely cut off from the outside world.

They're powered by single 10mm drivers and promise a sound profile that's full, warm and detailed. 

Battery life is a decent eight hours from the buds, with another 12 from the case, making a total battery life of 20 hours. They have on-bud controls which you can customise through the app.

Ultimate Ears FITS wireless earbuds

(Image credit: Ultimate Ears)

Reviews in the US have been largely positive, with the fit being hailed as the best of any commercially available wireless earbuds. But at £199.99 ($199, about AU$358) they're not cheap, especially for a pair without noise-cancellation. Our current favourite pair at this price point is the on-sale Award-winning Sony WF-1000XM4 - which have noise-cancelling, stellar sound quality and more features to boot - so it's tough competition for Ultimate Ears.

Still, the FITS are an interesting proposition for those that yearn for a personalised, super-secure earbud fit. They're on sale now from the Ultimate Ears website, and come in three colours: Eclipse (Midnight Blue), Cloud (Grey) and Dawn (Lilac).


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