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Turntable sales up 240% at John Lewis

The vinyl revival is increasingly 'old news', with the growth in vinyl sales and the popularity of Record Store Day having been well documented, but the figures continue to make headlines.

The latest source to reveal a sales spike is John Lewis, which has reported a 240 per cent increase in turntable sales for 2015.

However, one look at the John Lewis turntables section reveals it's not hi-fi turntables driving sales. In fact, the John Lewis website doesn't appear to sell a single traditional turntable.

Instead, it's all-in-one vinyl systems complete with speakers - as made popular by Crosley - and USB decks that are doing the damage.

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John Lewis now stocks eight turntables compared to just one model a few years ago, with the most popular decks include the ION Pure LP Conversion (£70), the Crosley Cruiser (£80) and the Crosley Keepsake USB (£160).

Blair Christie, the buyer for audio and gaming at John Lewis, said: "The UK’s renewed love affair with vinyl shows no signs of slowing down, and we expect turntable sales to continue their upward trajectory throughout 2015. Changes to both record players and vinyl LPs have helped to blur the lines between the analogue and digital music formats."

Record Store Day 2015 saw vinyl sales up 742 per cent week-on-week and the UK's first official vinyl chart was launched earlier this year.

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