Threatened BBC 6 Music "will not be rebranded as Radio 2 Extra"

BBC 6 Music

There had been speculation that the threatened digital station might be revamped rather than shut down as part of the BBC's strategic review.

Writing on his BBC blog, Davie says there are "no plans" to rebrand 6 Music, which has been earmarked for closure depite a high-profle campaign to save it.

Davie had previously talked about salvaging some of 6 Music's programmes and content by moving it to other parts of the BBC's radio network. He says that remains likely.

"I said we would look at protecting some 6 Music programming by redeploying it elsewhere and considering how we can also do justice to its legacy in areas like new music development.

"This commitment also remains... But simply rebranding it as Radio 2 Extra is not one of our plans."

Davie confirms that Radio 7 will become a sister channel to Radio 4. "While we have proposed rebranding Radio 7 as Radio 4 Extra, there are no such plans for 6 Music."

The BBC Trust is currently considering the BBC's re-structuring plans and will report its findings in late May.

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