This NAD amplifier is the hi-fi deal I didn't know I wanted for Black Friday

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The original NAD D 3020 was an iconic product of the 1970s thanks to its unusual design, winningly compact size, and low-power-rated but high-performance sound for not very much money. 

The exact same can be said for the more modern version, the D 3020 V2, which keeps everything that made that original amplifier so loved and revered but features some added modern tweaks. More excitingly, this superb NAD amp is enjoying a rare Black Friday deal of £70 off the retail price and is yours for just £329 at Sevenoaks.

Is this my favourite hi-fi deal of the Black Friday season so far? It sure is. I adore this quirky little amp that's the size of a paperback and stands upright – meaning it will barely take up any space on my desk or by my speakers. It's also an enthusiastic performer, earning five stars when we reviewed it a few years ago, and remains a very tempting proposition even with newer models on the market. At this knockdown price, I'm tempted to get one for myself...

This upright-orientated NAD D 3020 V2 amp is certainly different from most traditional integrateds, that’s for sure – it's faithful to the classic 1970 original design that was incredibly popular, and the V2 model remains just as appealing as before.

There's ample connectivity here for such a compact amp: a moving-magnet phono stage alongside optical, coaxial and RCA inputs. You could plug in a turntable, a CD player, or a streamer. There's also a nod to modern audiences, too, with Bluetooth aptX streaming on board.

The D 3020 V2 isn't merely an interesting face with decent features, though. Class D amplification with 30W per channel is on offer, but that's more than plenty to drive compact speakers and deliver an entertaining sound. The presentation is tonally even with a natural balance throughout, while detail levels are great for this price. But it's the NAD's strengths with timing and dynamics that will really win you over – it's an engaging approach that gets to the heart and spirit of any song. And it's a sound that will complement any speakers or source you connect it to. 

Our suggestions? We'd pair it with the excellent, compact B&W 607 S2 speakers and plug in the Award-winning Røde NTH-100 wired headphones into the NAD's 3.5mm jack for a great mini compact system that you could fit into small rooms or on your desk. In fact, you could even add in the superb and equally compact WiiM Pro Plus streamer and make a tidy but powerful streaming system, too. The best part? All those products are also on great deals this Black Friday too...

Suggested system:
NAD D 3020 V2 was £399 now £329 at Sevenoaks (save £70)
Bowers & Wilkins 607 S2 AE was £449 now £249 at Richer Sounds (save £200)
WiiM Pro Plus was £219 now £169 at Sevenoaks (save £50)
Røde NTH-100 was £149 now £69 at Amazon (save £80)

Total price: was £1216 now £816
Total saving: £400

The NAD D 3020 V2 is a versatile little amp and one that has been in my and the What Hi-Fi? team's affections for many, many years. If you decide to take the plunge on this deal this Black Friday, we think you'd really like it too.


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