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We've noticed some unmissable deals on Amazon lately, especially on the run up to Black Friday. However, we don't recall seeing a pair of wireless headphones from a household name such as Sony quite this cheap. The Sony WH-CH150 usually retail for £50, but you can get them right now for just £29 - the only catch is that this deal ends in two days, so you better hurry if you want these headphones.


Sony WH-CH510 £50 £29 at Amazon

If you're in the market for a pair of affordable Bluetooth headphones from a reputable brand, you'd be hard pressed to find a deal better than this right now. With cable-free listening and a claimed 35-hour battery life, these headphones are an ideal entry level pair at just £29.

While we haven't tested or reviewed the WH-CH510s, we certainly have plenty of experience with Sony's formidable wireless headphone family and can see plenty to like in this plucky budget pair. The supposed 35-hour battery life should easily get you through a marathon of music listening, and when the headset eventually dies, you have fast charging over USB-C which Sony says can get you an hour and a half of listening time after just ten minutes of charging - pretty neat.

While you won't find flagship features like noise-cancelling or hi-res audio support, these headphones aren't completely barebones - they do include a microphone built in for calls and controlling voice assistants. The major benefit here is freeing yourself from the tethered inconvenience of wired headphones, and once you go Bluetooth you might not want to go back.


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