The TinyTV 2 is an adorable portable television with a 1-inch screen

TinyTV 2
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We all love a good TV, but wouldn't you say it's a bummer that TVs are just so big and bulky and expensive? Well, you're in luck, because the folks over at TinyCircuits agree, which is why the company is Kickstarting the TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini, both of which will cost just $49 (around £41 / AU$72).

To put it simply, the TinyTV 2 is a 1-inch IPS portable TV that comes with a 216 x 135 display, 8GBs of storage, a front-facing speaker, power, volume, and channel controls, a built-in IR receiver for IR remote compatibility, and USB-C for uploading and charging, all powered by a Raspberry Pi processor.


(Image credit: TinyCircuits)

However, the TinyTV 2 isn't the only product TinyTV's Kickstarting, as the brand is also offering the TinyTV Mini. This is an even smaller version of the TinyTV 2 that comes with a 0.6-inch OLED screen running at 64 x 64. 

Outside of the TinyTV Mini coming with a smaller battery that reportedly clocks in at an hour of charge while the TinyTV 2 comes with two hours of charge, these tiny televisions are the same minus the size/display differential.

For the curious, no, you aren't watching TV on the TinyTV but rather videos you upload to it. The channel control on the TinyTV remembers timestamps of your uploaded videos, so by using it, you can flip between the different videos you've uploaded as if you're watching and old-school CRT TV.

If this all sounds like a mighty fine stocking stuffer, well, you'd be right on the money. Unfortunately, your money will be going towards the March 2023 production run of TinyTVs, so you will miss the Christmas season. Though, with a TV this cute, an IOU just might work for the TV-obsessive in your family.

The TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini are following-up TinyCircuits' TinyTV DIY Kit, and this Kickstarter is already fully-funded, sitting at nearly $210,000 at the time of writing with a $15,000 goal. So, don't worry about this not getting funded, and if you want one, it's likely best to act now before you miss out on the first run.


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