The new iPad is down to a lowest-ever price of just $399

Tablet: Apple iPad (2022)
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Are you in the market for a new tablet? If so, chances are you've already been thinking about picking up an iPad. What's more, though, is that you can get yourself a 2022 iPad on sale for a meaty $50 off with this Amazon sale.

When we reviewed the 2022 iPad, we gave this tablet five-stars in our review, complementing its sharp and detailed display; its excellent sound; and its lovely, trademark Apple design. If you're in the market for a tablet, the 2022 iPad is a tablet you simply must consider, especially with this sale.

iPad (2022) Amazon sale

Apple iPad (2022): $450 $400 at Amazon

Apple iPad (2022): $450 $400 at Amazon
Apple's 2022 iPad is another excellent tablet with fantastic image quality, strong audio quality, and a peerless design. If you need a tablet, the iPad can do just about everything. Get yours on sale while you can!

In the world of tablets, Apple's iPads tend to stand alone in terms of their exquisite designs, high-end displays, and powerful hardware inside, and the iPad (2022) doesn't do much to change up that reputation, offering up a beautiful and powerful tablet computing experience.

In our review of the iPad (2022), we appreciated its sharp, crystal clear display; surprisingly excellent sound; and overall clean, modern design. From an AV perspective, both video and quality on iPad (2022) are great, making this tablet a good fit for casual gaming, streaming, or productivity in equal measure.

Of course, you'll also get all the familiar features of modern Apple tablets with iPad (2022), too, like a huge app store, support for almost every service you could want, and an excellent user experience with an easy-to-use UI. Plus, this tablet is powerful enough under the hood to run just about any app you can download without lag or slowdown.

All told, if you're looking at treating yourself to a new tablet before the year's done, the iPad (2022) is a great choice, and at $50 off, it's hard to say no to this powerful, well-designed piece of kit.


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