Teufel unveils sub-£1000 System 5 speaker package

Barely a week goes by without Teufel introducing yet another speaker system, and today it's the turn of the £899 System 5.

It's based on the System 5 THX Select 2 system we reported on last year, but is designed for customers who can't accommodate a full THX set-up.

"In offering the System 5, users can have close to the THX Select 2 experience without the added cost or space considerations of a second subwoofer," says Teufel's Florian Szigat.

It employs three S 500 FCR THX Select 2 satellite speakers at the front, and a pair of S 50D dipole speakers at the rear. Unlike the full THX rig, however, the System 5 only has a single S 5000 SW subwoofer.

Although this means it doesn't meet the full THX Select 2 standard, Teufel says it's more than powerful enough to fill rooms up to 35 sq m at high volume.

A Concert 5.1 version of the System 5 is available for £999 with five S 500 FCR speakers for customers who can't wall mount dipole rear speakers.

Both systems can be bought online from Teufel's webshop.

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