Teufel Concept B 200 USB System
Here's a novel solution for playing music from your PC or laptop, a set of speakers with a USB input and dedicated sound card

With more and more people using a computer as their music source, it's no surprise to see hi-fi manufacturers following suit with computer-connected speakers.

Teufel has done just that with the Concept B 200 USB system, offering a pair of speakers alongside a seperate amplifier box complete with USB inputs and an integrated sound card.

Three digital USB inputs allow you to add other devices to this hub as well as simply bypassing your PC's sound card and letting the Teufel's dedicated card to the digital-to-analogue conversion.

The small amplifier has four 30 watt power amplifiers feeding the two high and two mid-bass drivers of each stereo speaker.

Analogue stereo, 3.5mm and headphone inputs are also available for connecting other devices.

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Teufel's Concept B 200 USB system will sell directly from the Teufel website for £189.


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