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Teufel joins the AirPlay party, Raumfeld launches Sonos rival

Thanks to bigboss on our Forums for spotting these interesting new products from Teufel/Raumfeld.

It seems Teufel has joined the AirPlay market with its £430 iTeufel Air speaker system (top) with 25mm tweeter, 2 x 8cm midrange drivers and a 13cm woofer. Power delivery is a claimed 100W, enough for use in rooms up to 30 sq m, says Teufel.

And following its acquisition of Raumfeld, maker of multiroom streaming products, there's a Sonos Play:5 rival in the shape of the £400 Raumfeld One (below).

It offers wireless multiroom streaming, an integrated Class D amp powering two 25mm tweeters, two 6.5cm midrange drivers and a 13cm Downfire subwoofer.

Power delivery is again a claimed 100W, and there's a free Raumfeld control app for Apple or Android devices. Alternatively you can buy the bespoke Raumfeld controller for £330.

The optional Raumfeld base station is £250, or there's the Raumfeld Connector for £270.

Finally comes the Raumfeld Speaker L (above), a powered, WLAN design with built-in 170W amplifier. It's compatible with all Raumfeld systems, and each speaker has two 17cm woofers, a 13cm midrange unit and 28mm tweeter. Price is £1200/pair.

All three products are available for sale on the Teufel UK website. We hope to get review samples soon.

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