Terminator-style smart speaker is Kickstarting now

If the headphone amp of mortality was a little too tepid for your tastes, then gaze upon the unholy alliance of metal and flesh (not really) that is... the T-800 smart speaker and camera.

The Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton speaker, to give it its full title, stands 45cm tall. In its left eye-socket is a motion-detecting camera which, when triggered, lets you view what the camera is seeing via an app on your smartphone.

If you detect an intruder (or perhaps your pet doing something amusing), hit 'record'. Your videos will be backed up to the cloud.

On the speaker side, this imposing device has Alexa functionality, similar to the Amazon Echo. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a custom Arnold Schwarzenegger voice - it's difficult to imagine Alexa's tones coming from something so threatening.

Those desperate to get their hands on this speaker can back it on Kickstarter. It'll set you back around £275 for one of the first batch of speakers, but those paying more can get a personalised speaker. Or even the special limited-edition ‘white gold’ unit.

Boots, clothes, and motorcycle not included.

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