Technics' affordable SL-100C record player is finally available to buy in the US

Technics SL-100C an affordable, entry-level turntable
(Image credit: Technics)

Technics is finally launching its entry-level SL-100C turntable in the US over 12 months after it was first released in Europe. 

As part of the brand’s game-changing SL range of decks, the SL-100C inherits many features of the popular Technics SL-1500C, which was itself a reinvention of the legendary SL-1200. Both models have the same iron-coreless direct-drive motor designed to avoid issues such as cogging and speed control, as well as a version of the company’s long-running S-shaped aluminium tonearm.

One of the key differences between the two is the price. At $1000 (£799, around AU$1737), the SL-100C is cheaper than its What Hi-Fi? award-winning predecessor by $200.

To achieve this affordable, entry-level price point, the SL-100C loses the phono stage of the SL-1500C and is also fitted with a different cartridge; in this case, Audio-Technica’s VM95C complete with a conical stylus plus an aluminium cantilever and coil.

The SL-100C features a high-rigidity cabinet and a high-damping insulator to help minimise vibrations. At the same time, Technic’s in-house developments in platter design are carried over with a two-layer structure combining deadened rubber and aluminium. 

First launched in 1972, the SL-1200 quickly won fans amongst DJs and audiophiles for its durability, ease of operation and powerful torque, selling 3.5 million units. The SL-1500C followed in 2019 with many of the same traits but aimed purely at domestic hi-fi-enthusiasts without features such as strobe marks on the platter, stylus lamp and pitch control.

In a statement about the latest iteration of the SL turntable, Bill Voss, the US Business Development Manager for Technics, said, “With the ongoing success of the multi-award-winning SL-1500C, the new, more affordable SL-100C is poised to take the lead as the most desirable $1000 coreless direct drive turntable on the market. 

“The SL-100C keeps the key performance attributes of the SL-1500C to reach a wider audience and is a welcome addition to the Technics Premium Class.” 

The SL-100C will be available in the US on Amazon from August 19th and on Technics’ website, though the latter is currently showing stock as sold out.


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