TEAC has announced the arrival of its new TN-300 hi-fi turntable, which comes with a built-in phono stage and has been designed for "both analogue and digital worlds".

The manual belt-drive turntable is capable of playing 33/45rpm records, while its heavy MDF plinth – available in black, red, cherry or white – helps to reduce "unwanted resonances".

On top of this plinth, you'll find a die-cast aluminium platter with heavy rubber mat – driven by a high-torque DC motor and Neoprene belt. Speed changes are made electronically.

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The TN-300's straight tone-arm includes a pre-fitted Audio-Technica AT-95E moving magnet cartridge, with the design of the tone-arm itself intended to offer "optimum tracking accuracy".

With the built-in phono stage, you can plug the turntable into the CD, auxiliary or line input of a stereo amplifier, hi-fi system, active speaker or smartphone dock.

Meanwhile, a USB port on the rear of the TN-300 means that you can send a digital output to your computer and create digital archives of your vinyl collection on a computer or MAC.

TEAC's TN-300 is available now for £300.

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nopiano's picture

They're back!

Great to see mainstream manufacturers returning to LP spinners.  Fashonable colours and bargain prices like these are making CD players look old hat and boring.  Turntables have always been hifi's most photogenic wares.

Never thought I'd see it, but good news for the industry, I hope.