tannoy revolution dc4
New range features trapezoidal cabinets, same Dual Concentric drivers – and more affordable prices

Hot on the heels of Tannoy's Revolution Signature speaker range – we reviewed the DC4 5.1 package here – comes a new, simpler line-up from the Scottish company. The Revolution range uses the same drivers as the Revolution Signatures, but in less complex cabinets and with slightly simpler electronics.

In place of the curved enclosures of the pricier range, the new models use an ultra-rigid trapezoidal design. The non-parallel sides of these cabinets reduce internal resonances and acoustic reflections, and the speakers are available in Light Oak or dark Espresso real wood veneers.

Other features carried over from the Signature models include the magnetic grille-mounts, which are hidden under the veneer, and concealed fixings for the brushed metal trims.

The use of rear ports also makes these trims simpler than those on the Signatures, while the speakers have also lost the driver grounding connection found on the pricier models

All the new models are based around the 10cm Dual Concentric driver first seen in the Revolution Signature DC4s: the Revolution DC4 is a £300/pr bookshelf/standmount design, the DC4T a £500/pr floorstander and the DC4-LCR a £250 centre speaker.

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Completing the line-up is the Revolution Sub 10 subwoofer, at £250: it has a 25cm drive unit, powered by a 160W amp, in a compact ported cabinet.