Talk 3D and the future of TV with Sony's tech expert Eric Kingdon

Eric Kingdon, Sony

If you missed the live event, you can read our latest Q&A session with Eric Kingdon here.

Today, November 4th, you'll again have the chance to talk technical with Sony's Eric Kingdon, who'll be online to answer your queries in person from 12 noon until 2pm.

It's part of a series of 'Meet the Experts' live Q&A sessions in which you get the chance to ask some of the industry's key people those burning questions you want answered.

Today's session will be all about TV technology – HDTV, 3D, LCD, LED and the future of flatscreen TV – and Eric will be on hand to answer all your questions.

To join in, all you have to do is log on to at 12noon and follow the link on the Homepage. Alternatively, you can email Eric in advance by sending your question to and we'll pass it on to him.

Want to know how it works? To read the last session, click this link. That will take you directly to the live chat page where you can replay the questions and answers as they happened in our first session.

As Sony Europe's Technical Marketing Manager, Eric is the man responsible for overseeing the development of Sony's hi-fi and home cinema products, and what he doesn't know about all the latest AV technology wouldn't fit on the back of a stamp.

He's been with Sony for more than 20 years, and while he's a real movie enthusiast, he's a serious music fanatic, too. You're as likely to find yourself discussing a specific sound effect in an action movie as you are the difference in tonality between a Steinway and a Bosendorfer.

He spends a lot of his life ‘on the road' – or more accurately in the air – between various Sony locations in Europe, and is also a frequent visitor to Japan, where he works with the company's Chief Distinguished Engineer, Takashi Kanai, on the tuning of products from speakers and SACD players to home cinema receivers.

Ask about what goes on behind the closed doors of Kanai's famous listening room, and Eric will tell you tales of not just changing the smallest components in the search for the best sound, but spending evenings cutting out small rings of foil to act as capacitor dampers. That's how fanatical the tuning gets.

In the early 1990s Eric was also responsible for setting up Sony's ‘UK tuned' project, taking on the established British speaker manufacturers with the SS-85E bookshelf speakers, and later winning a What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Product of the Year with the SS-176E floorstanders.

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