Symphony Mini DACPre
Austrian-made miniature DAC, now available, offers a modular range of upgrades, and a free home trial

Now available via the MGL Audio Laboratories site is the Symphony Mini DACPre, designed to make the most of music played from home computers and network music clients.

Handbuilt in Vienna, Austria, the Mini DACPre uses 24-bit/192kHz Wolfson conversions, and combines the functions of DAC, preamp and headphone amplifier, allowing it to be used straight into a power amp or active loudspeakers.

All the products are also subjected to an extensive burn-in, to ensure they perform optimally straight from the box.

As standard, the Mini DACPre sells for €399, and has two optical and two electrical digital inputs, plus analogue line and headphone outputs. It also comes complete with a USB/SPDIF converter.

Options include an upgraded power supply (€59), balanced outputs (€99), two sets of analogue inputs for €75, and remote control (€59).

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You can also have transformer isolated digital inputs for €39, or an I2S digital input for €49, or you can buy a 'PLUS Package', containing everything but the I2S input, for €229.

Shipping is free throughout the EU, and you can even have the product on a free trial for 10 days – you don't even have to pay up front!

Or, if you happen to live near Vienna, you can have a personal demonstration...