SVS Ultra Evolution speaker range promises a "new era of reference-quality sound"

SVS Ultra Evolution speakers in a high-end lounge
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Ohio-based manufacturer SVS has announced the Ultra Evolution, a seven-strong flagship range of speakers that promises a "new era of reference-quality sound". 

All models in the new range feature improvements to the driver design, cabinet architecture and components. The cabinets feature a curve in the front baffle that aligns the tweeter's sound emanation point so that sound from each driver reaches your ears at the same moment. SVS claims this will create a more immersive soundstage with more accurate imaging.

The floorstanding models all have their midrange drivers and woofers above and below the tweeter for seamless crossover blending so sound flows from a single point. And there's a new diamond-coated aluminium dome tweeter which promises to raise the frequency response, resulting in distortion-free highs while also deepening low-frequency extension for seamless blending with the midrange.

The three floorstanders also feature a new subwoofer design, in which dual opposing active woofers on the top and bottom of the cabinet fire in unison in different directions, creating "deep authoritative bass" while flattening out peaks and troughs. And because mechanical energy from each front-firing woofer is nullified by its rear-firing equivalent, there's no mechanical colouration. 

The midrange drivers and woofers all feature glass fibre composite cones, while cabinet resonances are eliminated thanks to the midrange drivers' acoustically tuned internal chambers. Chamfered front baffles minimise edge diffraction for optimal off-axis frequency response, while the organic cell lattice tweeter diffuser protects the tweeter from physical damage.

All speakers in the new flagship range feature detachable neodymium magnetic grilles. Going for a floorstander? Elastometer bumper feet and metal spike feet attachments are available as extras.

The Ultra Evolution range comprises three floorstanders (Pinnacle, Titan and Tower), two bookshelf speakers (Bookshelf and Nano), a three-way centre channel model (Center) and Ultra Elevation surround sound/Dolby Atmos speaker. The Ultra Elevation succeeds SVS's Prime Elevation, with an angled front baffle and multi-angle bracket for versatile mounting.

SVS Ultra Evolution speaker range in black finish

(Image credit: SVS)

The Ultra Evolution Nano and Ultra Evolution Tower models will ship towards the middle of the year. While finish options will be limited at launch, all models will soon be available in Piano Gloss Black, Piano Gloss White, and Premium Black Oak Wood Veneer.

The UK pricing is:
– Ultra Evolution Pinnacle: £5999 per pair
– Ultra Evolution Titan: £4999 per pair
– Ultra Evolution Tower: £3599 per pair
– Ultra Evolution Bookshelf: £1499 per pair
– Ultra Evolution Nano: £1099 per pair
– Ultra Evolution Center: £999 per unit
– Ultra Elevation: £1099 per pair 

The SVS Ultra Evolution speaker range will be on show at the Munich High End 2024 show, which starts next week.


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