Stratton Acoustics' exquisite-looking loudspeakers want to give you your sonic fix

Stratton Acoustics Element 12 speaker next to a hi-fi setup
(Image credit: Stratton Acoustics)

Stratton Acoustics has introduced the world to its brand-new Element 12 loudspeakers. The brand behind the whopping Stratton Elypsis 1512 has unveiled the Element 12, a pair of two-way, reflex-loaded standmounters that don't exactly come cheap. 

Handmade in the UK and retailing at around £32,000 / $42,000 / €38,000, the Element 12 are quite the speakers to behold. Designed by the same man responsible for the outlandishly styled Elypsis 1512, these 'smaller' Element 12 blend ornamental exterior looks with "a singular, uncommon focus on dynamics, rhythm and engagement". Those sound like our kind of speakers! 

Made using bamboo ply panels, the Element 12’s braced cabinet houses a custom-made 30cm paper bass/mid driver, which uses dual voice coils alongside a neodymium-iron-boron magnet motor system designed for "reduced distortion and compression". Supporting the speaker is an included, integrated stand made from 3mm thick steel panels underpinned by bamboo ply and a natural cork base.

The eye-grabbing new units also utilise twin reflex underside ports which are tuned to provide a frequency response down to 38Hz and, with an overall sensitivity of 94dB, they should be comfortable with most partnering amplification.

Stratton Acoustics Element 12 range in all colours

(Image credit: Stratton Acoustics)

Those upper ranges are dealt with thanks to a 29mm soft dome tweeter that uses its own neodymium-iron-boron magnet motor housed within the company's "Mechanically Isolated Tweeter Assembly". It's also fitted with an aluminium waveguide which "provides increased radiation efficiency" via its dispersion design. 

According to chief designer David Fowler: "There are many, many forms of addiction. Ours is simply the desire to continue creating beautifully crafted, artisan-built loudspeakers that nail you to your seat the instant you hear them playing the music you can’t get enough of."

These extravagant standmounters come in four gloss mirror finishes: piano white with silver, piano black with black and gold, maple with silver and ziricote with black and gold. 


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  • Crabbydude
    I find it interesting to read about and hear (!) about this type of product. I’ll never drop 40K on speakers but if I do it’s nice to have a starting point.
  • Gray
    'Exquisite' budgie cage - just needs a little front door.

    (Honestly, how many non-gay blokes would describe them as exquisite?)