Spotify's latest feature brings fans closer to artists, but it isn't the one we were waiting for

Spotify Merch Hub
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The process of making a living as an artist can be complicated. Merchandise provides a crucial source of revenue for musicians, especially for smaller artists.

In recognition of this, Spotify has unveiled an official Merch Hub on its app. This has been set up with the aim of encouraging more users to easily find the merch they want and to help support their favourite artists. 

It's certainly a nice feature, however, we're still waiting for the long-awaited Spotify Hi-Fi tier capable of hi-res audio playback. There has been much discussion about its arrival over the last few years, with code-diggers recently finding evidence it could be on its way soon

However, for now, the wait continues while Spotify tinkers with other aspects of its app. 

Previously, on-sale merch was only accessible via specific individual artist profiles and release pages. With this update, the new Merch Hub will be accessible from more locations in the app, including album, EP, and individual track pages.

The Hub also provides personalised merch recommendations based on your listening habits and playlist choices. 

At the end of 2022, following the release of users’ Wrapped results for the year, Spotify saw its highest-grossing merch sales week for artists ever. Fans of certain artists were also able to get early access to merch available exclusively through Spotify.

This success encouraged the company to better integrate the buying and selling of artists' merchandise into its app, culminating in the new dedicated Hub. 

If you’re an artist looking to get your merchandise out to a wider audience, head over to to learn more about getting your merch on Spotify.


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    While this latest feature might not be the big one we anticipated, it's cool to see them bridging the gap between fans and artists.