Spotify for Windows Phone now available for free

Before today, Windows Phone users who wished to use Spotify on their mobiles had to be premium subscribers, paying £9.99 per month. However, they will now be able to access playlists that have been saved, or playlists of users and artists they follow and listen to them for free on their smartphone.

As with the free Android and iOS mobile apps, Windows Phone users will only be able to shuffle artists they wish to listen to for free, rather than being able to select specific songs. Spotify has also included premixed playlists, compiled by its music experts and suitable for all occasions such as exercising in the gym; having dinner party or getting ready for a big night out.

Search results have been given a makeover and updated, while browsing has been made simpler too.

The Spotify Windows Phone is available now for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 now in the app store.

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