Spotify wants to give on-demand features to non-paying customers

Spotify could bring a new on-demand feature to its free tier, allowing non-paying customers to choose which song to listen to first.

According to The Verge, the service is testing a new feature called Jump In, which would let customers on its free tier to pick a song to listen to. At the moment, free users have to endure the perils of shuffle.

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However, Jump In would work only with select playlists. So you wouldn't have carte blanche to choose what you like.

The report says Spotify wants to roll out the feature in the next few weeks. However, it might meet with some objection from music labels fearful that it will eat into their revenue even more.

Sources tell The Verge that Spotify is currently negotiating with all the major labels, and that these negotiations will take some time. Spotify would need permission from the labels before it rolls out Jump In, so we might be waiting a while…

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Joe Svetlik

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