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SoundMagic launches WP10 wireless headphones with USB DAC

The SoundMagic WP10 wireless headphones are the latest addition to the SoundMagic model line-up, offering wired or wireless functionality and a USB DAC.

The WP10 headphones come with a separate wireless transmitter box complete with an integrated DAC, and will set you back £250.

This means you can connect to your music source via a digital USB connection or use the analogue stereo inputs. The SoundMagic WP10 headphones can also work via a wired cable connection.

Better known for its brilliant, budget SoundMagic E10 headphones, the new WP10 headphones sit above the HP100 and HP200 models, yours for £190 and £230 respectively.

The WP10 earphones are an over-ear design with a "metal reinforced headband" and soft leatherette earpads, which claim "high noise isolation".

The wireless transmitter comes with two power modes: low power when connected via the standard audio jack and high power, with a range of up to 50m, when connected via USB.

Naturally SoundMagic recommends you take a digital output from your PC or Mac in order to take advantage of the WP10's DAC and theoretically improve the sound.

The headphones come with the transmitter/DAC, headset audio cable, USB cable, RCA/phono cables, audio cable, battery charger, carry case and manual. Phew.

The SoundMagic WP10 wireless headphones are on sale now for £250, alongside the HP100 and HP200 models.

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by Joe Cox

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