Sony's new, lighter PS5 uses less power then the original

Sony PlayStation 5
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We have already brought you news of Sony modifying the PS5, discreetly launching a lighter version. And now we have more meat to add to those bones.

According to YouTuber Austin Evans, courtesy of The Verge, we now have a better idea of the changes beneath its hood. His video breakdown of the new PS5, (or
model 1200 as it's also known), points to a number of internal changes. It appears the motherboard, cooling and SSD enclosure have all been updated, resulting in a PS5 that weighs 3.4kg. By comparison, the original PS5 launched back in November 2020 and weighed in at 3.9kg.

Evans also claims the refreshed PS5 apparently uses 20-30 watts less power during gaming compared with the original, while still producing around the same heat and sound levels. It is not immediately clear how Sony has achieved this; it could be a combination of all the internal tweaks made to the lighter model.

Evans also suggests that the introduction of these new parts will make producing the PS5 cheaper for Sony, despite the fact that the PS5 is having a price increase in certain global markets. 

With PS5 stock still in relatively short supply, could this refreshed console be Sony’s answer to getting the PS5 back on shelves in time for Christmas?


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