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Sony's new GTK-PG10 outdoor speaker has integrated cup holders

Every year, Sony announces a new range of huge, bulky speakers with flashing lights and massive drivers seemingly designed to jumble up the listeners bowels with as much booming bass as possible. We're honestly not sure who buys these so-called High Power Audio products, but someone must because Sony keeps making 'em.

But among the neon-lit monstrosity's on Sony's stand this year is a new, subtler, and all the more bizarre offering that's rather piqued our interest.

The GTK-PG10 is an altogether squatter, squarer and (literally) less flashy proposition  designed to be used outdoors. It's got a carry handle (although it's pretty big and looks heavy so you probably won't be taking it far), 13-hour battery life and Bluetooth, but without doubt it's most striking feature is a pair of flaps at the top that fold out to create a table with integrated cup holders. It's the feature you didn't know you wanted!

Each of those flaps also contains a tweeter, which is angled outward and upward when in table mode. Combined with an automatically activated outdoor sound profile, this makes the PG10 sound significantly more open and spacious when fully opened out.

And, having had a quick demo of the PG10, we actually think it sounds pretty decent. Weighty but also surprisingly clean and controlled, the beer holders might not  be the best thing about the cuboid speaker after all.

Oh, who are we kidding, of course the beer holders are the best thing about it.

The GTK-PG10 will cost £250 when it goes on sale in April - just in time for the start of barbecue season.


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