Sony delivers smart in-ear and Bluetooth headphones


We've always advocating ditching the freebie offerings, not least with the huge array of replacements that are available, and now Sony has added yet more choice with some stylish-looking ear buds.

The MDR-EX33LP sets itself apart with 'new-look pearlescent and metallic' colours – white, blue, pink, silver and gold are the shades available – while also boasting 'affordable', yet at this point elusive, price tag.

The buds use a 9mm diameter EX drive and hyrbird silicone ear buds. There's a selection of bud sizes, as is the norm, plus an extra small sizing aimed at kids – or just people with small ears, of course.

Joining the MDR-EX33LP are the MDR-EX35LP 'phones, which are available in black, white or red. We remain slightly in the dark as to the technical differences at the time of writing...

Also released was a Bluetooth Wireless headset, the DR-BT160A, compatible with any Bluetooth phone or MP3 player, and complete with controls on the headset itself.

There's also a Bluetooth kit, the DR-BT160iK, which teamed with the TMR BT8iP dongle, allows you to stream music from an iPod to your Bluetooth headphones.

Last, and perhaps least for our interests, is the DR-BT140Q ear-clip headphone for Bluetooth players, which also delivers remote control of the basic player functions on the ear-clip.

All the headphones will be out in October, and available for pre-order from We'll bring you the prices as and when we get them.