The latest update to the Sonos Controller brings new functionality to the iOS app and ups the bitrate on Napster and Rhapsody to deliver better sound.

The Sonos app update is available on Android and iOS, though Apple users will get some extra benefits.

Whichever version you use, you'll get a better audio experience if you use the Napster or Rhapsody music services, both of which now stream at higher bitrates on Sonos.

Sonos also claims to have simplified the set-up process for Sonos Trueplay, the company's room EQ system which tunes your Sonos speakers to your room.

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If you use an iOS device as a remote then there are a few other new features. The iOS lock screen now shows track information and allows you to pause, skip and adjust the volume, and you can also use the Split View and Slide Over iOS features to run apps alongside the Sonos app.

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Lastly, if you have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus you can now use Apple's Force Touch to move around the Sonos app a little quicker.

The latest version of the Sonos Controller app is now available to download on Android and iOS.

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In addition...

This update also adds BBC On-demand HLS content support, no small detail, consider how many people have been complaining about the lack of it.

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hadn't seen that mentioned anywhere? so has that fixed previous issues with BBC streams for you?

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I've not been able to understand how to access BBC On-demand

I've been playing the new Sonos app, but cannot see any reference to BBC On-demand, in Add Services etc.  Any clues?  Thanks,