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Sonos Beam deal: this excellent soundbar just got slashed in price

Sonos Beam deal: this excellent soundbar just got slashed in price at Sevenoaks
(Image credit: Sonos)

Has the Sonos Beam garnered much praise and received a five-star review at this publication? Yes, yes it has. Did it win a coveted What Hi-Fi? 2019 Award? Sure did. Did it become one of 26 exceptional products to be crowned our 2019 Products of the Year? Affirmative. Essentially, it's a great piece of kit – and you can currently save £40 off its RRP at Sevenoaks. 

The Sonos Beam isn’t simply a soundbar that improves your TV's sound: it's also a wireless, multi-room speaker that can play music from almost any source. Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, your phone, network-connected hard drives – it’s all supported and all can be combined in on-the-fly playlists and queues.

The Beam can talk to any other Sonos products you have in your home, playing the same music as the Sonos One in your kitchen or the Sonos One SL (or even Play:5) in your dining room, and there's support for all major voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri (via your iPhone's microphone) and Alexa. 

Alexa and HDMI ARC are the Beam’s obvious talking points, but to focus on those features entirely would be to miss out on the fact that the Beam sounds rather exceptional for its price and size.

This is now an ultra-affordable soundbar that most could find space for – and it could transform your listening experience during movies and Netflix binges. The width, depth and three-dimensionality of the Sonos Beam's presentation smashes expectations.

Oh, and once you've nabbed your Beam, why not check out our 9 Sonos Beam tips, tricks and features advice feature? Your new Sonos will be with you soon – and this is ideal reading material for the wait. 


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  • simonali
    10% off (less for black) is not slashed in price. Sensationalist headlines like that get a thumbs down from me!