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Following the updates for Sky+ subscribers, Sky is now looking after its Sky Q customers by rolling out a number of incremental updates for its premium TV platform.

Sky Q already promises “fluid viewing”, by letting you record more programmes at the same time than ever before, pause a show in one room and then carry on in another, and stream recorded content outside the home. Sky Q launched only back in February 2016, but Sky is already rolling out some fresh updates to improve the user experience.

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New features include auto download, which will automatically start to download the next episode of the TV series you’re watching in the background, so it’s ready to start playing and saves buffering.

When you come to the end of an episode, you’ll now be given the option to let the next episode automatically play after 30 seconds, or you can manually select to play or dismiss it (shown above), in a similar way to Netflix and Amazon Video.

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The Top Picks section that has just been introduced to Sky+ subscribers will be treated to more recommended content from live broadcasts, future ones and online video. Sky hopes it will give users a greater chance of discovering something new.

Other new features include a new Sky Sports hub homepage, being able to select a specific point of a recording or download by using the touchpad remote control and PIN protection for 18+ rated content. 

Luke Bradley-Jones, director of TV and content products said of the updates: “Sky Q is the next generation of TV viewing and the new features are about making it even easier for customers to find and watch episode after episode of their favourite TV series, the latest live sport, or the best of the web.

“These developments are just the start of the exciting plans we have for Sky Q this year.”

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It'd be great if it actually worked

Just had a Sky engineer around to fix yet another Sky Q box. This time I actually got some honesty from Sky. Apparently they claim you have to use a Sky HDMI cable as others cause problems. I was using a QED high speed Reference cable which caused the box to display "No Input" on my LG OLED55E6V. Also he advised to not conect through a Amp/Reciever....making my £3,500 home cinema system uselesss and as if that wasn't enough I was told not to set HDMI output to Dolby Digital as this causes audio drop-outs which I have been experiencing. All in all Sky Q boxes are really not fit for purpose, goodbye Sky after 21 years as a customer.