More details have emerged on Sky's forthcoming 4K-compatible set-top box, including a new name and features...

We've known about Sky's quest for a 4K-toting set-top box for the best part of 12 months - Project Ethan was established back in 2014 to overhaul its set-top-box technology. Now it looks like the company is finally ready to launch the next generation of Sky+ HD.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Sky's new box - called SkyQ - will provide an "Apple and Netflix-style" experience, with a refreshed user interface making the programme guide "much more visual".

It's also believed the new box will be able to record at least four different programmes simultaneously, double the current capability of the award-winning Sky+ HD box. SkyQ will also be able to stream content to multiple devices around the home, including smartphones and tablets.

Sky was rumoured to be fast-tracking its new set-top box with the aim of beating BT to the punch. However, following BT's recent announcement that its Ultra HD sports package will be launching on 2nd August for £15 per month, complete with a new YouView+ set-top box designed by Humax, it appears Sky has lost this particular race.

How much of a premium the new SkyQ box will demand remains to be seen...

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4 feeds from a dish..........

4 feeds from a dish.........................

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How much for 4k on top of my

How much for 4k on top of my current subscription?no more from me I'm afraid.I think the premiership footballers are paid quite enough via sky subscribers. Although this is probably the wrong place for a rant,I'm glad to get it off my chest.

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Full hd

How can they release a 4kbox but have never released a full hd box, ridiculous. 

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Going 4k. Will it work when we have bad weather, sort the reception out 1st, then come up with new services.

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Reception can't be sorted out

Reception can't be sorted out by sky as they transmit the signals fine.  reception is the job of your equipment so if its breaking up or saying no signal get YOUR dish and cabling checked.  its basically your fault.  would you blame the gas company if your hot water stopped working but Gas was still feeding the cooker.

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Really hope the subscription does not go too high...

This is great to hear, I've been waiting for a new box to be announced for quite some time now. Now if the subscription is bumped up too much this could be quite a problem, as it's fairly high as it is! 

Also, we can't even get 1080p yet, so not sure how "Ultra 4k HD" this will be...also...compression is a pain right now in picture quality Sad 

Really looking forward to seeing what this box can do though Smile